Dream India School (DIS) is an initiative by leaders in the field of education. DIS is a dream to contribute to India’s rise. It’s a strategically structured programme to Educate and Empower the future of India. Many parents due to Accessibility and Affordability constriction fail to provide their children the much deserved quality education. DIS thus makes the pedestal for every such parent in arming their most important part of parenting responsibility. DIS not only believes contrary practises taking the complete Academic responsibility of every student. DIS over the last decade has set new standards in Academic Delivery through its Unique Academic System. Our Unique Study System includes:

  • Guided Study Hour programme
  • Common examination system for all the branches
  • A unique weekly examination and evaluation system
  • Preparing the students for competitive examinations
  • Technology enabled classroom sessions from National Office
  • Special focus on English Language through RTC (Remote Teaching Classes)
  • Computer Lab, Science Lab, Digi Classes
  • Co-curricular and extra-curricular activities such as Yoga, Cultural events, Sports etc.

The outcome of this Unique Academic System is evident in the form of results delivered by DIS students. 100’s of DIS students have constantly secured top grades in SSC examinations, got admissions in IIT-JEE / top engineering and medical colleges. We urge you to join this dream to provide quality education to each child in India; leading to Dream India.


SheriffMr. M. M. Sheriff, having worked as Mathematics Lecturer for many reputed organizations for several years, he helped thousands of IIT and Engineering Aspirants to realize their dreams. Such a dedication in work made him a family member of many people across India. At present, he is an icon & figure of honour in the educational circles of Telangana, Andhra Pradesh & across the other states of our country. His way of teaching and communication skills coupled with analytical prowess and strategic adroitness has given him a unique recognition among the student and parent communities. He guided thousands of students to success & inspired numerous teachers to mould their career. More than 370 schools with not less than 8500 students are being shaped in his inspirational & rank oriented guidance.


RajuMr. Raju Sangani, an illustrious educationist, brings his intense passion and expertise to the institution and has been largely responsible for helping thousands of students achieve their dreams. His passion for work is exemplary and planning approach is unmatchable.  He is a witness to the struggling efforts and initial challenges but also the pillar of strength. A Post graduate in Engineering, Mr. Raju Sangani is a keen observer, good analyst, apt in crisis management and a great team builder. An inherent sense of authority exudes from his ability to dream big and execute big. He is a catalyst in facilitating every member's learning and passionately renders value, combined with a willingness to help create a supportive community based on trust. Starting his career as a Mathematics lecturer, he influenced, moulded and motivated thousands of students in achieving their goals. He has been serving the students of plus two, EAMCET, AIEEE and IIT for more than two decades. At these various streams, he has been adding value with a focus on the best for the targeted age groups of his students, which is evident in their overall achievements. He is a man of boundless energy and dynamism, with a taste for challenging assignments. He is an adept professional to the core, and is known for his contemporary ideas blending superbly with conventional wisdom. His endeavours are assets in shaping the Indian academic system as well that of Dream India Schools.