Qualitative Focus On Education:

A DREAM is the unprecedented architect of life. With this in perspective, Dream India School focuses on student centric learning approach for holistic growth in nurturing every student who can have insight, critical skill, think and respond attitude to the things around in a decisive and logical manner.


Pre-Primary School

In order to achieve this, our pre-primary education is endowed with distinct environment where all aspects of childhood personality are crafted in a balanced way, where creativity of the child is unleashed, where pre-primary academic excellence is achieved along with other requisite behavioral traits.

Primary School

Our Primary school education caters to infuse within our students the desire to learn, the curiosity to know more, kindness towards society, environment and nature, fortitude for being the best and skills to lead in future.

Middle School

Middle school being the phase of student life where they are found to be most vulnerable and unpredictable, thus we weave together within Middle school level a core experiential learning with technology. We began to pass the envelope of IIT & Medicine foundation course and provide a robust and extensive approach to STEM qualitative learning.

High School

At the most critical juncture of career development phase “The High School,” Dream India School has taken a step ahead in designing curriculum and content with special focus in “IIT & Medicine Foundation” classes, in order for our students to absorb conscience, capability, credibility and capacity for a career that will be marked by confidence and conviction.